Mark Ireland – Attoreny/Judge

It’s an old story, politicians kissing babies - but Mark came by this baby honestly, she’s his daughter. I’ve know Mark for several years now since we worked on a campaign together.  When I first met him, he was with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office prosecuting consumer fraud cases.  He left their and joined the Housing Preservation Project where he has been working hard (for meager pay) to help people keep their houses in these trying economic times. Mark is running for the open judicial seat in Ramsey County that resulted from Judge Monahan’s retirement (I’d love to get Judge Monahan’s portrait in here!).  I wish him the best of luck (and I’m actively supporting him) because he would make a great judge. UPDATE:  Mark won the election and is now a District Court Judge for the Second Judicial District of Minnesota.  A nice article in Minnesota Lawyer about Mark.

Queen for the Day

This young lady was having so much fun marching in the Cinco de Mayo parade.  She was going back and forth across the street greeting people.  I think she was one of the queens of the event.

John Choi – Ramsey County Attorney

I’ve known John since we were baby lawyers and campaign newbies. He has been for the past several years the City Attorney for the City of St. Paul.  During his tenure, the Republican National Convention took over the city and John quite ably traversed the insanity of out-of-town anarchist protesters and the insanity of out-of-town storm trooper megacops.  After a few days of craziness, the out-of-towners moved on and the city went back to normal. This is the classic American immigrant story.  John’s parents moved to the US from Korea to find a better life for their family.  They worked hard.  John did well in school, went to graduate school, has had a great career as a lawyer, lobbyist, and politician.  Someday John may be governor of the state, if not president of the country.  But most importantly, John is raising a future all-star! John is running for Ramsey County Attorney now.  I ran into him campaigning at the Hamline Midway Community Meeting and Folk Festival in Newell Park. UPDATE:  John won the election and is now the Ramsey County Attorney.

Fear God

From the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. I suppose fear is one of the great motivators for us humans....

Mike Salovich – Musician

Back in my college days, I walked into the Lion’s Pause (the old Pause in the now demolished Yitterboe Hall) and Mike Salovich was playing guitar.  He wasn’t just playing, he was playing all this Leo Kottke-like stuff.  I said to myself, “Well, I can might as well just stop playing guitar now!” I didn’t, in fact, Mike is playing my 1982 Goodall Jumbo in the portrait.  Mike has continued his artistry on the guitar over the years with his World Beat Guitar performances. This portrait is was made in Wild Studios when Mike was being recorded by Matthew Zimmerman (who you can also find in  On the technical side, I’m not happy that I underexposed a bit and lost detail particularly in Mike’s black shirt, but I love Mike’s intensity. He is such a virtuoso!  Go to to hear Mike’s beautiful guitar playing.

Mathew Zimmerman – Sound Engineer

Matthew Zimmerman is an artist, one of Minnesota’s best sound engineers.  He owns a small but impressive studio (and lots of great gear) in Northeast Minneapolis called Wild Sound.
Matthew has worked with a variety of artists and is known, in particular, for his work with acoustic music, particularly classical.  I met Matthew when he was recording my old (Ole) friend Mike Salovich.  You can hear some of Matthew’s work with Mike (along with some of my photos of the recording session) at

I Just Got My Picture Taken

I’m back to the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. I thought the vendors’ view might be interesting so I got behind this great Greek food station (yeah, I know, it’s Cinco de Mayo, but the food looked great - though I personally opted for the Tamales down the road). I made eye contact with this gal, smile & a nod, so I quick snapped her picture and just happened to get the beginnings of her smile through the steam of the next batch of food.  She was ready to dig in, the spatula in the hand is cooking the next servings, and there’s something about that arm going out of the frame, someone passing by the opportunity to feast, that balances the story to me. No sooner had a taken the shot than she exclaims, “I just got my picture taken!”  She sounded happy and I’m going to take it that she was.

Allie Pryd & Deborah Cordner

I met Allie and Deborah at a happy hour put on by their employer the Downtown Resource Group.  They were having the sort of focused and friendly conversation that gave every impression of them being good friends beyond a workplace acquaintance.   They were kind enough to break for a moment so I could take their portrait and then went back to their conversation.  I love the ladies’ smiles.

Doug Padilla

My friend Doug Padilla.  Doug is a great artist. Many years ago we were neighbors in South Minneapolis.  He was a cool guy, with cool kids, wild art masks on his walls, who played soccer (a great passion of my youth), and ran a soccer t-shirt company featuring his art. Doug has won plenty of awards, his art has hung in major museums including the Minnesota Institute of Art, he has had international shows, and is sold widely. Doug claims “I have no idea, I work from no idea, I come from not tradition of idea” but I don’t buy it.  I see a consistent passion for life, coming to grips with mortality, and rootedness in his Mexican ancestry.  I think Doug is an artist of profound ideas and deep tradition. You can find him at I have to admit that this portrait was somewhat unintentionally soft-focused, but I liked the result so I'm counting it as a happy accident....

Cinco de Mayo Dancer

The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is a St. Paul institution.  It is a community gathering together and strutting it’s stuff.  It is beautiful and this gall really knew how to strut proudly! She was part of a dancing troop from one of the high schools.  I just loved her energy and she obviously loved dancing in the parade.