Jeff Krumm – Savage Amps

Ran into my buddy Jeff Krumm and his daughter at Grand Old Day.  Jeff is the owner, designer, and builder of Savage Amps.  His amps are some of the sweetest most musical guitar amps made out there, played by the likes of Beck, Jeff Tweedy, Peter Buck, Foo Fighters, Peter Buck, Adam Levy...and me...a Macht 25 is my go-to amp. Jeff is also a great drummer (just like Jim Marshall!).  He used to play in a super little rock and roll cover band (with a few other friends of mine) called Perfectly Loud.  Loved hearing them at The Hex. Jeff had a bout with cancer not long ago and, fortunately, his treatments have been quite successful.  It was great to see all the support Jeff got from the local music community.  The Fine Line Music Cafe was overflowing when they held the “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Krumm” event.  He’s looking fit, back at work, and feeling good.  You’re the man Jeff!

Dave Shultz – Attorney

Dave Schultz is an old friend.  A partner at the Maslon law firm and running for Ramsey County Attorney.  He is running against, among others, another old friend of mine, John Choi who has been previously featured in Faces of Minnesota.  Dave is a superb lawyer and would make an excellent County Attorney.  It is really nice to see an election where we have so many, not just well qualified, but excellently qualified candidates.  Something of an embarrassment of riches!   Dave is on the campaign trail here, marching in the Grand Old Day parade.   He had quite a bunch of volunteers with him.

Lemonade Vendors – Grand Old Day

The first Sunday of every June is Grand Old Day.  It is put on by the Grand Avenue Business Association to promote Grand Avenue in St. Paul - which is one of my favorite streets in the world.  It used to be Grand Old Days, plural, and extended to a whole riotous weekend but neighbors objected and now it is just Sunday.  Being a neighbor myself now, I’m fine with cutting it down to one day, but it sure was fun.... These gals were on the corner of Grand and Lexington hawking Lemonade.  It is a sunny day and if the thunderstorms hold off, I think they are going to be selling a lot of lemonade!

Raghavan Iyer, Chef

Chef Raghavan Iyer is an artist with knives and spices.  He was born in Mumbai, India and earned degrees in Chemestry from the Bombay University and Hotel and Restaurant Management from Michigan State University.  He is the author of several well regarded cookbooks on Indian cuisine: Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking, The Tumeric Trail:  Recipes and Memories from an Indian Childhood, and 660 Curries.  For Tumeric Trail, he was a James Beard award finalist.  He is the Consulting Executive Chef for Om, an upscale and fabulous Indian restaurant in Minneapolis.  He has worked with the likes of Target and General Mills developing lines of Indian Foods. I have met Raghavan twice now.  Once when he was the featured chef at the Minnesota International Center Gala.  When the event was over we ended up sitting next to each other on a bus taking us back to our cars and we got a chance to chat.  Fascinating guy - I immediately ran out and got his 660 Curies book.  The other time was a dinner/cooking class he put on at my Ron & Teresa Sit’s house.  We spent an evening having him teach us about the spices and preparation of several South Indian (and spicy!) dishes and then ate with him.  My fingers tips are still tingling the morning after (as I type this) from all the chilies I minced!  The food was, for his direction not so much our culinary skills, a wonderful meal. This shot is of Raghavan directing our efforts in Teresa & Ron’s kitchen in the early evening summer sun of Minnesota.

Bill Weeding – Laywer, Musician

Bill Weeding - guitarist extraordinary, lawyer of great talent, man of great charm and wit. Bill left home in his teens and supported himself as a rock and roll musician in the Twin Cities for many years.  At some point he decided to go back to school, aced his way through the University of Minnesota and then the UofM’s Law School.  He’s still playing in bands and his chops are amazing.  The man can make a Tele sing.

Sen. John M. Herrington

John Harrington is the outgoing Chief of Police in St. Paul.  He has been on the force for nearly 30 years, working his way up through the ranks.  He has been Chief since 2004.  The general consensus is that he has been a good Chief and I, for one, was surprised when he did not seek another term.  He is an Honorary Irish Person and I think he may have learned his policing skills at home, being the father of seven. He recently announced that he is running for the vacant the State Senate seat in District 67 as a Democrat. This is The Chief at Metro State looking back at downtown St. Paul, a city that, I have to say, has been well served by his work in community policing and his tenure as Chief. UPDATE:  John won his bid and now represents District 67 in the Minnesota State Senate.

Mike, Nikita, & Mikail Salovich

When the cherry blossoms were blooming this Spring, Mike Salovich (who you have seen here before) asked me to come down and shoot a few shots of he and his kids, Nikita & Mikail.  They are a lovely and talented family but next time we need to get Mike’s wife Paula in the shots too (she was traveling for business that day).

Classy St. Olaf Alumna

This lady was on the tour of the new science center guided by Dave Van Wylen.  Never caught her name or her class but then she’s a classy lady in her own right.

Dave Van Wylen – Professor

Dave is a biology professor at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  Dave’s current research “is directed at understanding [the] role of adenosine in myocardial protection.”  According to Wikipedia, adenosine can be quite beneficial to certain tachycardia victims but since adenosine binds to the same receptors as caffeine us coffee drinkers and you chocoholics probably won’t get the full benefit! Dave and I graduated in the same class at St. Olaf.  While I remember him, our paths never really crossed in college.  It was, nonetheless, good to meet up with him again at our 30th Reunion.   He gave a funny talk at lunch about all the things that have changed at St. Olaf in 30 years and then was kind enough to give a few of us a tour of be beautiful new science center:  Regent’s Hall (soon to be renamed Thompson Hall, I understand).  It is a stunning building.  One of my good buddies from college said as we walked out “Jeeze Peter, I think if they had had this building when we were in school, we would have stayed in the sciences!” After talking to Dave a bit, I was sorry our paths didn’t cross more in school.  I think we could well have been very good friends.  He’s a very warm, funny, and thoughtful guy - the picture makes him look a lot more serious that he is in person - but there must be some real intensity there given what he has achieved, so maybe that is what I was capturing.  

Melinna Sixtos

At the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, a troop of dancers came through who were just stunning - they the feathers and the dancing....I don’t know if they were in the vein of the Mayan or maybe the Aztec (my bad, I should be more up on this, but I freely and readily admit that I am not - happy for enlightenment, particularly from those in the dance troop).  It was so beautiful. Through the magic of Facebook, I am lead to believe that this dancer is Melinna Sixtos as a friend of hers, I take it, tagged her in the photo.  Melinna, you guys were great and inspiring. UPDATE:  Melinna Sixtos contacted me and confirmed that this is in fact her and the dance company is Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc - “a community of people dedicated ot the preservation and promotion of the Mexica/Azteca culture, ceremonies, warrior dance, accurate history and traditions.”  Thank you Melinna!  Looking forward to seeing you all dance again in the future.