I'm not from Minnesota.  I grew up in Southern California.  But, I have been here most of my adult life and love the place and the people.  I'm trying to capture here a little of what I see.  It's not comprehensive and probably not even representative.  But, it's what I see. As to who I am?  My name is Peter Berge.  I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up in the East County of San Diego, California.  In elementary school I took a summer school photography class.  We learned the basics of exposure and composition - used perspective to take trick photographs (hey, how did you shrink Johnny so he can stand on your hand!), we even developed our own film.  Maybe my interest in photography came naturally since my grandfather was a photojournalist/editor. I spend my days as the Web Education Director for Minnesota CLE.  I manage the online education part of the business.  If you're interested, Ari Kaplan recently did an off-the-cuff interview with me in the Webcast studio: Feel free to contact me, I even take requests to be included in the blog!  Click on my signature block below and you can email me. - Peter Berge