Phil Cole – Litigator

Phil Cole is, and has been for a number of years, one of the smartest and best litigators in the state.  He is the President of the Lomen Abdo Cole King & Stageberg PA law firm.  He is a litigator par excellence - a wise and sagacious counselor - one who does not suffer fools kindly. I can say this from having spent a number of years on the Plaintiffs' side of the Minnesota Bar - if you had Phil on the other side of the case from you, you know it was going to be a long, hard ride - you hated it, but you respected him because he was so good and he won so often.  He was the kind of guy who saw holes in your case you never, in your wildest dreams, thought of - and he exploited them to the fullest. I can say this also from having sat in insurance company claims committee meetings with him.  He's just as hard on his clients.  He sees the case for what it is, he's not afraid to expose every weakness in his client's case, and his advice about how to approach the case and whether to settle or fight is ignored only at your own peril. My hat is off to one of the state's great lawyers.  

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