Billy McLaughlin – Guitarist

Billy McLaughlin is a locally famous guitarist in the Midwest.  He has a unique style using hamer-ons and -offs using both hands.  He creates a harp-like sound with his playing.  He calls it “two-handed tapping.” Several years ago he developed a debilitating, especially for a musician, illness called focal dystonia.  It is a movement disorder affected Billy’s left forearm and hand causing two fingers to curl up and not respond.  Brought his solo career to a crashing halt.  He had to relearn to play the guitar backwards to how he had played previously.  He describes it as learning to sign your name with your non-dominant hand as perfectly as you can with your dominant hand.  Happily, he was successful. Below is a video interview with Billy from a local news station describing his struggle and victory:

Story link: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com


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