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Bob Frey – Songwriter, Teacher

Bob Frey teaches at the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley, MN.  It is is a comprehensive, tuition-free public high school offering a rigorous academic program, with intensive coursework focused in the arts.  Kids from around the state come to pursue their high school education and their passion for the arts. Bob has a gift for song writing and performs regularly around town.  Take a listen to some of his songs on his mySpace page.  He honed his craft in the bars and coffeehouses of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, as well as in Oxford, Ohio and Chicago formerly fronted The Buskers. Bob is older brother to James Frey the author of A Million Little Pieces.  You probably know all about that controversy.

Dave Van Wylen – Professor

Dave is a biology professor at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  Dave’s current research “is directed at understanding [the] role of adenosine in myocardial protection.”  According to Wikipedia, adenosine can be quite beneficial to certain tachycardia victims but since adenosine binds to the same receptors as caffeine us coffee drinkers and you chocoholics probably won’t get the full benefit! Dave and I graduated in the same class at St. Olaf.  While I remember him, our paths never really crossed in college.  It was, nonetheless, good to meet up with him again at our 30th Reunion.   He gave a funny talk at lunch about all the things that have changed at St. Olaf in 30 years and then was kind enough to give a few of us a tour of be beautiful new science center:  Regent’s Hall (soon to be renamed Thompson Hall, I understand).  It is a stunning building.  One of my good buddies from college said as we walked out “Jeeze Peter, I think if they had had this building when we were in school, we would have stayed in the sciences!” After talking to Dave a bit, I was sorry our paths didn’t cross more in school.  I think we could well have been very good friends.  He’s a very warm, funny, and thoughtful guy - the picture makes him look a lot more serious that he is in person - but there must be some real intensity there given what he has achieved, so maybe that is what I was capturing.