Category: Legal Folk

Phil Cole – Litigator

Phil Cole is, and has been for a number of years, one of the smartest and best litigators in the state.  He is the President of the Lomen Abdo Cole King & Stageberg PA law firm.  He is a litigator par excellence - a wise and sagacious counselor - one who does not suffer fools kindly. I can say this from having spent a number of years on the Plaintiffs' side of the Minnesota Bar - if you had Phil on the other side of the case from you, you know it was going to be a long, hard ride - you hated it, but you respected him because he was so good and he won so often.  He was the kind of guy who saw holes in your case you never, in your wildest dreams, thought of - and he exploited them to the fullest. I can say this also from having sat in insurance company claims committee meetings with him.  He's just as hard on his clients.  He sees the case for what it is, he's not afraid to expose every weakness in his client's case, and his advice about how to approach the case and whether to settle or fight is ignored only at your own peril. My hat is off to one of the state's great lawyers.  

Frank Harris – Executive Director Minnesota CLE

Frank Harris is the Executive Director of Minnesota CLE.  If you travel in Continuing Legal Education circles, what you will find is that Frank is regarded as one of the greatest innovators and leaders in the field. Read More

Adam Gislason – Lawyer, Musician

Adam is all decked out for the Spain’s win in the World Cup Final at Tony Sanneh’s World Cup Final/Fundraiser.  He has been the front man for a great local band, So It Goes, which unfortunately disbanded a couple of months ago.  Loved their music and Adam’s song writing.  As if that weren’t enough, Adam is a great young lawyer.  He was with the Zelle Hofmann firm but left in 2010 and struck out on his own starting the Snyder Gislason Frasier LLC firm.

Dave Shultz – Attorney

Dave Schultz is an old friend.  A partner at the Maslon law firm and running for Ramsey County Attorney.  He is running against, among others, another old friend of mine, John Choi who has been previously featured in Faces of Minnesota.  Dave is a superb lawyer and would make an excellent County Attorney.  It is really nice to see an election where we have so many, not just well qualified, but excellently qualified candidates.  Something of an embarrassment of riches!   Dave is on the campaign trail here, marching in the Grand Old Day parade.   He had quite a bunch of volunteers with him.

Bill Weeding – Laywer, Musician

Bill Weeding - guitarist extraordinary, lawyer of great talent, man of great charm and wit. Bill left home in his teens and supported himself as a rock and roll musician in the Twin Cities for many years.  At some point he decided to go back to school, aced his way through the University of Minnesota and then the UofM’s Law School.  He’s still playing in bands and his chops are amazing.  The man can make a Tele sing.

Mark Ireland – Attoreny/Judge

It’s an old story, politicians kissing babies - but Mark came by this baby honestly, she’s his daughter. I’ve know Mark for several years now since we worked on a campaign together.  When I first met him, he was with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office prosecuting consumer fraud cases.  He left their and joined the Housing Preservation Project where he has been working hard (for meager pay) to help people keep their houses in these trying economic times. Mark is running for the open judicial seat in Ramsey County that resulted from Judge Monahan’s retirement (I’d love to get Judge Monahan’s portrait in here!).  I wish him the best of luck (and I’m actively supporting him) because he would make a great judge. UPDATE:  Mark won the election and is now a District Court Judge for the Second Judicial District of Minnesota.  A nice article in Minnesota Lawyer about Mark.