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Cadilllac Kolstad – Musician

Andrew "Cadillac" Kolstad is the scion of a musical family.  His father, Papa John Kolstad was one of the movers and shakers of the old Minneapolis folk scene back in the days of Koerner, Ray & Glover.  (I'll have to get a photo of Papa John on the blog in the future.) Cadillac has been shakin' his own grove in the Minneapolis music scene hauling an old upright on a trailer behind his gold 50's era Cadillac from gig to gig.  The man ain't just show - he's the real deal.  He lays down a boogie-woogie piano that gets people up and dancing.  Keep the music coming Cadillac!

Bob Frey – Songwriter, Teacher

Bob Frey teaches at the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley, MN.  It is is a comprehensive, tuition-free public high school offering a rigorous academic program, with intensive coursework focused in the arts.  Kids from around the state come to pursue their high school education and their passion for the arts. Bob has a gift for song writing and performs regularly around town.  Take a listen to some of his songs on his mySpace page.  He honed his craft in the bars and coffeehouses of his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, as well as in Oxford, Ohio and Chicago formerly fronted The Buskers. Bob is older brother to James Frey the author of A Million Little Pieces.  You probably know all about that controversy.

Eric Lovold – Musician, Song Writer

Eric Lovold is the front man for a great Twin Cities band, The Alarmists.  He is a gifted song writer and one of the best recording engineers around the Twin Cities.  My band did some recording with Eric and he is just a wizard with Pro Tools.  (You can hear the results on our Facebook Fan Page.)  Christmas Day of 2010 some Grinch broke into his house and stole quite a bit of gear from his recording studio.  Eric was over for dinner the other night and could resist the old (but in very fine shape) 1925 Baldwin in the parlor!  He makes beautiful music.

Billy McLaughlin – Guitarist

Billy McLaughlin is a locally famous guitarist in the Midwest.  He has a unique style using hamer-ons and -offs using both hands.  He creates a harp-like sound with his playing.  He calls it “two-handed tapping.” Several years ago he developed a debilitating, especially for a musician, illness called focal dystonia.  It is a movement disorder affected Billy’s left forearm and hand causing two fingers to curl up and not respond.  Brought his solo career to a crashing halt.  He had to relearn to play the guitar backwards to how he had played previously.  He describes it as learning to sign your name with your non-dominant hand as perfectly as you can with your dominant hand.  Happily, he was successful. Below is a video interview with Billy from a local news station describing his struggle and victory:

Story link:


Adam Gislason – Lawyer, Musician

Adam is all decked out for the Spain’s win in the World Cup Final at Tony Sanneh’s World Cup Final/Fundraiser.  He has been the front man for a great local band, So It Goes, which unfortunately disbanded a couple of months ago.  Loved their music and Adam’s song writing.  As if that weren’t enough, Adam is a great young lawyer.  He was with the Zelle Hofmann firm but left in 2010 and struck out on his own starting the Snyder Gislason Frasier LLC firm.

Bill Weeding – Laywer, Musician

Bill Weeding - guitarist extraordinary, lawyer of great talent, man of great charm and wit. Bill left home in his teens and supported himself as a rock and roll musician in the Twin Cities for many years.  At some point he decided to go back to school, aced his way through the University of Minnesota and then the UofM’s Law School.  He’s still playing in bands and his chops are amazing.  The man can make a Tele sing.

Mike, Nikita, & Mikail Salovich

When the cherry blossoms were blooming this Spring, Mike Salovich (who you have seen here before) asked me to come down and shoot a few shots of he and his kids, Nikita & Mikail.  They are a lovely and talented family but next time we need to get Mike’s wife Paula in the shots too (she was traveling for business that day).

Mike Salovich – Musician

Back in my college days, I walked into the Lion’s Pause (the old Pause in the now demolished Yitterboe Hall) and Mike Salovich was playing guitar.  He wasn’t just playing, he was playing all this Leo Kottke-like stuff.  I said to myself, “Well, I can might as well just stop playing guitar now!” I didn’t, in fact, Mike is playing my 1982 Goodall Jumbo in the portrait.  Mike has continued his artistry on the guitar over the years with his World Beat Guitar performances. This portrait is was made in Wild Studios when Mike was being recorded by Matthew Zimmerman (who you can also find in  On the technical side, I’m not happy that I underexposed a bit and lost detail particularly in Mike’s black shirt, but I love Mike’s intensity. He is such a virtuoso!  Go to to hear Mike’s beautiful guitar playing.