Category: Artists

Barbara Porwit

Barbara Porwit is an artist.  Her website, Body Images, is aptly named because much of her art celebrates the shapes and curves of the body.  She has a series that I always found particularly engaging.  It is a study of deer skeletons.  Through Barbara's eye they became visions of almost abstract architectural grandeur. Barb is also to mother of Zander, who is a superhero in one her beloved paintings.

Jeffrey Fortson – Photographer, Mixologist

I met Jeffrey at a Marnita’s Table fundraiser mixing some very tasty concoctions behind the bar. That is only the beginning of Jeffrey’s talents.  He is a professional creative and corporate portrait photographer.  He prefers to work on-location or in imaginative outdoor settings and has worked with musicians, performers and corporate clients.  Check out his Flickr stream, Jeffrey Fortson Photography.

Thong Nguyen – Photographer

Thong runs Feisty Photography Studio and is a Web Development Manger for Best Buy.  I met him because he was selling a lens on Craigslist (a beautiful Nikon 200mm f/2.0).  This was a test shot with the lens, needless to say, I bought the lens!

Jeff Krumm – Savage Amps

Ran into my buddy Jeff Krumm and his daughter at Grand Old Day.  Jeff is the owner, designer, and builder of Savage Amps.  His amps are some of the sweetest most musical guitar amps made out there, played by the likes of Beck, Jeff Tweedy, Peter Buck, Foo Fighters, Peter Buck, Adam Levy...and me...a Macht 25 is my go-to amp. Jeff is also a great drummer (just like Jim Marshall!).  He used to play in a super little rock and roll cover band (with a few other friends of mine) called Perfectly Loud.  Loved hearing them at The Hex. Jeff had a bout with cancer not long ago and, fortunately, his treatments have been quite successful.  It was great to see all the support Jeff got from the local music community.  The Fine Line Music Cafe was overflowing when they held the “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Krumm” event.  He’s looking fit, back at work, and feeling good.  You’re the man Jeff!

Mathew Zimmerman – Sound Engineer

Matthew Zimmerman is an artist, one of Minnesota’s best sound engineers.  He owns a small but impressive studio (and lots of great gear) in Northeast Minneapolis called Wild Sound.
Matthew has worked with a variety of artists and is known, in particular, for his work with acoustic music, particularly classical.  I met Matthew when he was recording my old (Ole) friend Mike Salovich.  You can hear some of Matthew’s work with Mike (along with some of my photos of the recording session) at

Doug Padilla

My friend Doug Padilla.  Doug is a great artist. Many years ago we were neighbors in South Minneapolis.  He was a cool guy, with cool kids, wild art masks on his walls, who played soccer (a great passion of my youth), and ran a soccer t-shirt company featuring his art. Doug has won plenty of awards, his art has hung in major museums including the Minnesota Institute of Art, he has had international shows, and is sold widely. Doug claims “I have no idea, I work from no idea, I come from not tradition of idea” but I don’t buy it.  I see a consistent passion for life, coming to grips with mortality, and rootedness in his Mexican ancestry.  I think Doug is an artist of profound ideas and deep tradition. You can find him at I have to admit that this portrait was somewhat unintentionally soft-focused, but I liked the result so I'm counting it as a happy accident....