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Paul & Chris

Paul and Chris aren't from Minnesota, but I have to include them.  I met them traveling on a barge through the Burgundy region of France.  Paul and Chris live in Sydney, Australia.  They are such wonderful folks, I wish they were Minnesotans, so I'm granting them honorary Minnesotan status!

The Graduate David Sit

It’s graduation time and my nephew David Sit was one of the graduates from Edina High School.  He is off to Massachusetts now were he will start at Boston University in the Fall.  All the best to you David and show those Massachusetts kids how Minnesota kids play hockey!

Wrist Band Dude

Grand Old Day again.  This guy was a volunteer selling wrist bands at Grand Old Day.  He may look like Mr. Serious here, but it’s all an act.  The moment I made this photo he was making crazy faces and laughing.  I liked the serious look.

School Chums

School is almost out.  I ran into these little girls at St. Anthony Elementary in St. Paul just after class was out for the day when I was doing another shoot for a candidate.  Their parents had agreed to let them be photographed with the candidate and, boy, were these little hams into it!

Three Buddies

More from Grand Old Day...  These three guys were at the Billy’s Stage where we were waiting for Adam Levy’s band (Adam who plays a Savage Amp made by Jeff Krumm’s) Hookers and Blow go on.  The guy on the left recognized my Leica and we chatted about it a bit. If you look closely at the left lens of the sunglasses on the guy on the right, you can see me framing up the shot (and trying not to spill my beer!).

Lemonade Vendors – Grand Old Day

The first Sunday of every June is Grand Old Day.  It is put on by the Grand Avenue Business Association to promote Grand Avenue in St. Paul - which is one of my favorite streets in the world.  It used to be Grand Old Days, plural, and extended to a whole riotous weekend but neighbors objected and now it is just Sunday.  Being a neighbor myself now, I’m fine with cutting it down to one day, but it sure was fun.... These gals were on the corner of Grand and Lexington hawking Lemonade.  It is a sunny day and if the thunderstorms hold off, I think they are going to be selling a lot of lemonade!

Mike, Nikita, & Mikail Salovich

When the cherry blossoms were blooming this Spring, Mike Salovich (who you have seen here before) asked me to come down and shoot a few shots of he and his kids, Nikita & Mikail.  They are a lovely and talented family but next time we need to get Mike’s wife Paula in the shots too (she was traveling for business that day).

Classy St. Olaf Alumna

This lady was on the tour of the new science center guided by Dave Van Wylen.  Never caught her name or her class but then she’s a classy lady in her own right.

Melinna Sixtos

At the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, a troop of dancers came through who were just stunning - they the feathers and the dancing....I don’t know if they were in the vein of the Mayan or maybe the Aztec (my bad, I should be more up on this, but I freely and readily admit that I am not - happy for enlightenment, particularly from those in the dance troop).  It was so beautiful. Through the magic of Facebook, I am lead to believe that this dancer is Melinna Sixtos as a friend of hers, I take it, tagged her in the photo.  Melinna, you guys were great and inspiring. UPDATE:  Melinna Sixtos contacted me and confirmed that this is in fact her and the dance company is Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc - “a community of people dedicated ot the preservation and promotion of the Mexica/Azteca culture, ceremonies, warrior dance, accurate history and traditions.”  Thank you Melinna!  Looking forward to seeing you all dance again in the future.

Queen for the Day

This young lady was having so much fun marching in the Cinco de Mayo parade.  She was going back and forth across the street greeting people.  I think she was one of the queens of the event.