Author: Peter

Jeffrey Fortson – Photographer, Mixologist

I met Jeffrey at a Marnita’s Table fundraiser mixing some very tasty concoctions behind the bar. That is only the beginning of Jeffrey’s talents.  He is a professional creative and corporate portrait photographer.  He prefers to work on-location or in imaginative outdoor settings and has worked with musicians, performers and corporate clients.  Check out his Flickr stream, Jeffrey Fortson Photography.

Don Samuels, Minneapolis City Council

Don Samuels represents the 5th Ward on Minneapolis’ City Council.  He was born in Jamaica where his father pastored congregations in poor Jamaican communities.  He immigrated to the US in 1970 studying and working in industrial design.  Volunteering in churches led him to enroll at Luther Seminar in St. Paul where he graduated in 2001 with an M.Div. degree.  He was first elected to the City Council in 2003 and re-elected in 2005. Don caught a fair amount of flack for saying he believed public schools had failed African American boys in particular, colorfully quoted as “I’ve said burn North High School down!”  He also gained some admirers who felt his criticism a fair take on the situation if not a call to action.  The controversy did not prevent him from winning a third term on the Council in 2009.

Adam Gislason – Lawyer, Musician

Adam is all decked out for the Spain’s win in the World Cup Final at Tony Sanneh’s World Cup Final/Fundraiser.  He has been the front man for a great local band, So It Goes, which unfortunately disbanded a couple of months ago.  Loved their music and Adam’s song writing.  As if that weren’t enough, Adam is a great young lawyer.  He was with the Zelle Hofmann firm but left in 2010 and struck out on his own starting the Snyder Gislason Frasier LLC firm.

Tony Sanneh – Professional Soccer Player

Tony Sanneh was born in St. Paul and went to St. Paul Academy.  He is one of the finest soccer players Minnesota has ever produced.  He was an NCAA Second Team All American at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and had a distinguished professional career playing for D.C. United, Chicago Fire, and LA Galaxy in the MSL, Hertha BSC and FC Nuremberg in the German Bundesliga.  With the US National Team, Tony won 43 caps and scored 3 goals.  He played on the CONCACAF winning US teams in 2002 and 2005 and played every minute of the 2002 World Cup for the US squad. Tony runs Soccer Camps and the Sanneh Foundation with the mission of “being a unifying and innovative force in the ‘connect the dots’ among urban youth, organizations, schools, and families” through sports.  Tony is a great guy who is doing great things.  All the best to you Tony!

Thong Nguyen – Photographer

Thong runs Feisty Photography Studio and is a Web Development Manger for Best Buy.  I met him because he was selling a lens on Craigslist (a beautiful Nikon 200mm f/2.0).  This was a test shot with the lens, needless to say, I bought the lens!


In honor of Father’s Day, here’s my Dad! He lives in California now, but has always felt a close connection with Minnesota.  He was born in Iowa, grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, went to college at Concordia in Moorhead, Minnesota and did his Residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota before taking the family West to California. This was from a trip we took to see Whiteriver, Arizona where my parents lived when I was born because my father a doctor at the Indian Health Service hospital there.  The hospital was much improved from when my father was their, but it was very sad to see that, economically, Whiteriver hasn’t seen much improvement since then.  That’s Merrick Butte in Monument Valley in the background.

The Graduate David Sit

It’s graduation time and my nephew David Sit was one of the graduates from Edina High School.  He is off to Massachusetts now were he will start at Boston University in the Fall.  All the best to you David and show those Massachusetts kids how Minnesota kids play hockey!

Wrist Band Dude

Grand Old Day again.  This guy was a volunteer selling wrist bands at Grand Old Day.  He may look like Mr. Serious here, but it’s all an act.  The moment I made this photo he was making crazy faces and laughing.  I liked the serious look.

School Chums

School is almost out.  I ran into these little girls at St. Anthony Elementary in St. Paul just after class was out for the day when I was doing another shoot for a candidate.  Their parents had agreed to let them be photographed with the candidate and, boy, were these little hams into it!

Three Buddies

More from Grand Old Day...  These three guys were at the Billy’s Stage where we were waiting for Adam Levy’s band (Adam who plays a Savage Amp made by Jeff Krumm’s) Hookers and Blow go on.  The guy on the left recognized my Leica and we chatted about it a bit. If you look closely at the left lens of the sunglasses on the guy on the right, you can see me framing up the shot (and trying not to spill my beer!).